War came to the world, War nearly cleaned the world. Sadly it failed to get all of us. Now we (thats right you the player) need to carve out a peice of civalation from the ashes. Was it nuclear war, GMO food gone bad, aliens, zombies, and the rest of the ELE’s youve feared/ prayed about? Well this is why so few of us are left, they all heappend. lucky for you things have gotten a bit less crazy in the 80 years since the fall, the zombies starved or froze or got trapped, the aliens got sick and died too, the survivors getting bored and left. The GMO food mutations were so short lived they burned themselves out. the fall out wasn’t so bad in most places and the virus that was hitting all infection vectors was cured with a simple life style change…..well at least thats what the elders tell you.

But none of that really matters to you. You were born at out post “Tiger”. The long war from the neighboring nations had made your parents quite hardy folk, the enemy’s home nations eventually being obliterated along with your made fighting each other as pointless as the reasons the war started. Now the outpost was unable to support life that had built up there over the 80 years since things began to settle down. It was time to make another outpost in the wastes, one that we could keep the overflow from destroying the little you were able to eek out. The elders had all but died off it was time for the “New ones” to make the world whole again.

Advanced scouting parties were formed your part of them, Recon team F, one of 20 teams loosely sent in a straight lines out from the base. Your mission, find a new home land, come back, bring back the settlers. But mostly survive the wastes and come back with reports of what you saw, heard, and what was left out there.

War of the left overs.