Patrol truck

solar powered lightly armored truck


Built with solar power on the roof, one could drive all day at a slow 10 mph if you were on a road. It had a small gas/alchahol power plant for when speed was needed that could boost the speed to 75 mph, but with fuel so scares and resupply not an option it was sujested that you only use this in an emergency.


wheels(8) 28 mdc
front 200 mdc
middle left 350 mdc
middle right 200 mdc
Rear 280 mdc
front window 45 mdc
rear window 45 mdc
side windows (4) 25 mdc
top laser turret 35 mdc
laser barrel (2) 12 mdc*
hidden mortar 25 mdc**
solar pannels (13) 15 mdc***
drivers door 20 mdc
side door 25 mdc
*called shot -7 to hit

  • can only be hit when deployed -2 strike
    • can only be hit from above the 18 feet machine

Laser cannon
Range: line of sight
damaged 2d4 mdc per barrel ( dual blast does 4d4)
payload 10 reganrates 1 blast an hour

hidden roof mortar
range 1 mile on flat land possibly further arc to lower eleavation or less if fired to a higher one.
Damage 2d4x10 sdc to a 25 ft blast radius.
payload 1
must be loaded manualy from inside, 25 rounds stored inside.

storage 20ft/20ft/16ft most of the space is currently taken up with supplies.

inside there is a small kitchen. stove, oven, sink, mini fridge, microwave, and a blender. There are fold down sleeping bunk for 5 and seating when folded up for 10 +2 for driver and co-pilots seat, one in turret.
3 computers with all of the outposts pieced together knowledge stored in the main frame under the toilet. (will give very unreliable map info (20% accurate) history (10% for pre war/upheaval slap sticked together by what the people could remember, 90% post war) cooking, recipes, medical know how (90% first aid, 50% surgical, 5% holistic)
a toilet that converts waste into fuel at the rate of 1 gallon per week after the first 2 months.
water purification system
air purification system (80% effective to normal, 50% to "other?)

other basics of an RV i might be forgetting also there.
there are swivel gun ports 3 per side two in back and one per door. (allows an un-aimed shot from that side with out going outside. 5 mdc each about as big as a fist hard to hit-8 to strike)
4 spare tires underneith the body
5 spare solar pannels under each bed.
full tool set
electronics repair kit
short wave radio + CB + signal flares (15)
motion detectors (150ft range from APC)

(open to reasonable suggestions for what else it should have with out becoming so cluttered you couldn’t move inside.)


Patrol truck

War of the left overs. johnmecca