starting gear

you all get this


light body armor (20 mdc AR 15)
helmet (10 mdc AR +1) has tented face plate radio 2 mile range sub vocal mic
winter clothes 2 sets
summer clothes 3 sets
chemical warfar suit (1 mdc AR 20)
battle rifle
flash light
back pack
signal flare gun
5 flares
gas mask
survival knife
2 pairs of boots
1 pair of sandals
24 pairs socks
12 pairs undies
2 injectors morphine (one for you one for the other guy)
30 pain pills
100 recreational pills (booze would end up in the engine, life is sometimes boring in the field)
first aid kit
combat webbing
10 clips
1 suicide pill (instant death painless takes 10 minutes)
1 personal instrument
personal digital assistant
walkie talkie (10 mile range)
5 weeks ultra compact rations
signal mirror
wire saw

(again open to suggestion for anything that would make sense.)


starting gear

War of the left overs. johnmecca