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1 m.d.c. = 20 s.d.c.
sdc weapons with out AP rounds do 1/2 their damage
So if your wearing a 15 mdc armor jacket and get hit with an ak that does 30 sdc from a burst of ball ammo you would take 15 sdc off of the mdc so you would have a 14 mdc and 5 sdc remaining jacket still on your back.
if the same AK hits you with AP rounds you would be wearing a 13.5 mdc jacket

wow that makes more sense than 100 sdc makes an mdc and 50 sdc doesnt even scratch the paint of an mdc machine.

Characters come from a harsh world with warrior parents that were bred to other warriors and lived in an even harsher world, before the war gene splicing had been started on people.
this means in character creation add +2 pe, +2 PS, +1 pp, and pick one mental stat to get a +2.
you can roll 4d6 for each stat drop the lowest do no reroll ones.
roll in a straight line down the page.
if you still end up with less than an 7 on any physical state (other than pb) your character would have died from the elements re-roll that one stat.
If your IQ is below an 8 make it an 8
reduce PB by 1 for every 4 year after 19 you’ve lived…shit sucks and it shows on you. stop once you have halved your PB. in alternate forgo the PE or PS bonus to not take this effect and raise PB by 1, you had parents with some non solider engineering some how mixed in to you.

Ill make up MOS’s latter but everyone gets
pilot APC
first aid
hth basic (if you dont end up with better)
weapon pistol
weapon rifle
wilderness survival +15%

Main Page

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